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Specialists in Bespoke Oak Frame

Superbly crafted spaces that look and feel beautiful in any setting

At Davies-Hughes & Sons Ltd we have over 30 years experience in traditional oak framing, heritage building projects, restorations, house extensions (porches, conservatories and garden rooms) and large oak framed carports, garages and oak barns. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke oak frames that are tailored to your own design requirements. 

A number of our projects being recognised by receiving prestigious architecture and sustainability awards. 

We work throughout the UK and Ireland

Locally sourced oak trees being delivered ready to be milled and then framed into new oak framed buildings

Sustainable Projects

All our timber is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands and forests. Where possible we look to source our oak from local woodlands, we also work with clients wanting to use their own woodlands to create their dream projects. Contact us today to learn more about our supply chain and how we can help you make your dream project a reality.

Bespoke Oak framed woodland studio, an ideal garden annex, extra living space or holiday accommodation
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