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Bespoke Cabins, Pods & Modular Buildings

Proud makers of Encilia homes

We believe in creating buildings that are aesthetically beautiful, healthy and homely to be in, whilst also caring for the environment in our conscious design and selection of materials and processes.

All our buildings are made from sustainable materials, locally sourced where possible. Our doors, windows & furnishings are all made from local oak, elm, ash & larch sourced from the Snowdonia National Park, and finely crafted by our highly skilled craftsmen on the Llyn Peninsula.


We design and craft all our cabins, pods and modular buildings from our workshops on the Llyn Peninsula and can deliver throughout the UK. Currently we are unable to deliver overseas.

We are now taking orders on bespoke cabins, pods, tiny homes, garden studios & modular homes made with sustainability at their core.

Our current Encilia designs...... 

The Cruck Pod

Cruck framed Cabin/Pod Design
The Oak Cruck Cabin/Pod design

Inspired by traditional cruck framing, The Cruck Pod showcases exquisite craftsmanship, with a oak framed theme throughout the cabin.


Designed primarily as a space to sleep two people, this design can be fitted with a small kitchen, and shower & toilet room, ensuring an all year round & comfortable modular living space. Making it the ideal unique addition to your campsite or glamping site.

This unit can also be fitted as a garden room or studio, tailor made to your own proposed uses.

The Cruck Pod is made from locally sourced oak, larch & cedar. With sheep’s wool insulation ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature all year round. Oak double-glazed windows & doors fitted with high quality weather seals, latches & locks. The pod`s interior is clad with larch/cedar for a warm cosy feel.

The Eco Pod

Eco Glamping pod / cabin
Eco cabin / glamping pod or garden studio

The Eco pod takes inspiration from passive design techniques, its highly insulated envelope, coupled with its large amount of glazing ensures extremely low heating demand throughout the year.


The Pod is designed for the glazed façade to be south facing, its shading bars allow for high amounts of natural daylighting although restrict direct sunlight during the summer when the sun is high in the sky – ensuring the pod does not overheat.

During the winter when the sun is lower in the sky & heating is required the sunlight will be able to penetrate deeper into the room for passive heating.


This unit can be fully equipped with a small kitchenet & bathroom and adapted to your own requirements.


There is also a Eco Pod Plus model that incorporates a mezzanine floor & allows for the unit to comfortably sleep 4 adults.

The Eco Glamping Pod for plan
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